South Asia News Week is a 27-minute show, presented in English that carries the week's social, political and economic events in South Asia in detail - an ideal programme to broadcast at weekends when South Asia Newsline is off the air.

The show is delivered by satellite into London via British Telecom and can be switched to most of the leading production and facility houses in London that are linked to the BT Tower. The delivery time is 1730 GMT, which allows enough time to catch the evening flights departing towards destinations in South Asia.

Having covered the complete day's events up to 1730 GMT South Asia News Week is also fresh for the morning and daytime flights leaving London and other parts of Europe for South Asia.

If desired, tapes can also be collected from New Delhi for its flights leaving the capital of India at night or in the morning. The treatment and timing is such that the show remains topical and fresh for full 24 hours before its next version lands.